FREED is adapted from Carl’s novel written “many moons ago.” From that 310-page novel, he drafted the comic book script. Then the truly creative process began…


From Carl’s script, Ian created action-filled pencil layouts. In some scenes, he used double-spreads to be read from left to right across both pages rather than one page at a time—a unique format we hope you enjoyed. This scene shown here is the original pencil sketch from the Avenger’s first revenge— the killing of Walter Watson. Ian completed the work the traditional way—with real pencils on EON-Bristol boards—not with “digital” pencils like many other contemporary artists do.


Ian then inked the pencil layout
using either a brush dipped in black ink or a technical pen, depending on the object. He also finished the lettering (words) using speech or thought bubbles and special effects where the script required it. In inked scenes, the Avenger’s long flowing hair is inked black, to magnify his Samsonian Sioux strength and intimidating facade. Once inking was complete, Ian scanned and cleaned up the layouts in Photoshop for the next step—coloring.

indian kills watson for website.png


Fredrik (“Fedde”) took Ian’s inked
pages and digitally colored them in Photoshop as “flats” (basic core colors). Then he added shading to give characters and scenes additional realism and detail. He also used several color families to establish a mood for individual pages and spreads. Some were colorful, others more “earth toned” and others darker, depending on the scene. This one of the Avenger's murder of Interior Secretary Walter Watson needed lots of blood red!